Our Services

We are a charitable non-profit organisation, for the purposes of the provision of general community services.

​We are working with partners and the communities to help, guide, assist, identify opportunity and providing community facilities and services.

We offer wide range of services from our local centre. We offer Services & Resources…FREE, CONFIDENTIAL AND IMPARTIAL.

Where we hire external partners, some maybe FREE and some may charge for which we will negotiate a cheaper deal for the local community. 

Summary of the Services and Resources we will provide:


  • Advice  and Councilling;

  • Lifestyle, Healthy Eating

  • Health issues…Diabetes, Heart Disease, Trauma, Cancer Illnesses and more  

  • Staying Safe Online for Parents / Children and Children Safeguarding

  • Social Welfare, Education, Culture and Health

  • Faith and Cultural Activities and Services

  • Access to various services in the UK

For the local community, we will organise events and activities which will include and not limited to:

  • Youth Activities & Programmes ;

  • Study Support & Learning Activities;

  • Training & Employment Workshops;

  • Social & Health Welfare / Wellbeing, Counselling and Advice;

  • Community Congregations, Worship and Prayer Facilities;

  • Collaborations with various communities and age groups eg Elderly, Special Needs, Women, Youths, Community & Inter Faith Opportunities